All of our products are made in France and designed in Paris, crafted and sourced in Europe, from the best raw material, free of harmful substances.
Our products are formulated with the highest quality of wax and perfumes.
Our fragrances have been carefully selected by the most experienced perfumers from Grasse and contain at least 10% of perfume, giving them an exquisite and long lasting scent.
All our products comply with the European standards and regulations and have been tested under by an allergy specialist.
Our scented candles are made from a refined pure paraffin, meaning they do not emit smoke and burn consistently, avoiding any craters from appearing. And they have a higher olfactory performance while burning. Using Boudeoir candles does not pose any threats to the environment nor the user’s health. 
Our interior scents are ideal for both small and large spaces, working as a perfect complement to our candles. Crafted from the same quality standards as our other products, the scents are bound to leave a lasting impression. 
Boudeoir - French handmade luxury candle