Our Story

Created in 2021, la Maison Boudeoir is a timeless French lifestyle brand, designed for you by us, to bring you on a journey into our unique universe in the heart of Paris and other emblematic places across France.
Boudeoir's name was inspired by the intimate place attached to the bedroom or the private seating room, and commonly named the pouting room.
Our inspiration comes straight up from our love for the simple yet refined, traditional French craftsmanship with a new/modern approach: evoking a renaissance of romanticism and classicism, while offering an experience that is uniquely our own.
We carefully choose our partners in order to guarantee high quality standards with premium raw materials, as we aim to create long lasting pieces.
Our dream is to welcome you into our world of emotions and experiences and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

The Boudeoir Team
Boudeoir - 100% made in France